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What Is Best Monday Ever?

Best Monday Ever was born from frustration.

I’m frustrated with watching friends, family, and colleagues follow outdated and unreliable career advice.

Have you heard that applying to jobs is a numbers game? Nobody wants to play that game. Get out of here with that useless advice.

I’m frustrated over the inequities in career support. Effective coaches will cost you a few grand. Everyone else is faced with the mediocrity of workforce centers and job boards with hundreds of applicants for each opening.

Best Monday Ever is a charge to fix some of this mess. I certainly don’t have all the answer, but I have to give it a try.

You will learn how find great companies without job boards. But also sometimes with job boards that aren’t terrible. But mostly they’re terrible.

You will learn to network in ways that are actually fun and enjoyable and reward you for your creativity.

You will learn how to stand out when everyone else is trying to beat a resume reading robot.

The bottom line is I make and share immediately useful tactics to help you do more than trade time for paycheck.

Hi I’m Spencer Ingram. 👋

I've spent the last decade helping people think wrong.💡

From nurse innovators, to start-uppers working on wicked problems, to launching a college to career program. 🚀

The part I love most is creating breakthrough "ah ha" moments. I started Best Monday Ever to make these moments accessible to more people. ⚡️

Before doing this for people like you, I was doing it for people like this. 👇