Connect With Experts By Using The Cheat Sheet

Hi, I’m Spencer 👋. In this edition, I share an unconventional tactic to get career advice from experts; no matter where you live or your size of network.

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The Problem

You want to connect with experts to gain guidance and insights to make your next move. This is especially helpful if you are transitioning to a new industry or role.

But how do you get helpful advice from people you don’t know?

The Conventional Solution

You are told to request informational interviews or ask to get a coffee meeting. This would be sound advice if not for a few obstacles.

  • Coffee and informational interviews are big time commitments; for the expert and for you.

  • This kind of brain picking is a one-way street. You are not adding value to the expert.

  • This is especially tough if you do not have the network to help you make new connections.

You need a way to make a smaller request, with a higher rate of success, regardless of where you live or your network size.

The Uncommon Solution

Imagine a digital book that contains a collection of advice from 20 experts.

We call this the Cheat Sheet. And you can make one in under two-weeks.

Why this wins over conventional advice.

  • You make it easy for many people to help you right now (five minute favor)

  • You help people be seen as an expert along side other experts

  • You standout as a creative problem-solver

  • You invite serendipity by creating and sharing useful content

How It Works

  1. Make a Google Form to request specific advice from experts

  2. Experts find this novel approach refreshing and share their advice

  3. Experts then easily pass your form along to other experts

  4. You compile all their responses into a delightfully unique “Cheat Sheet”

Two weeks later, it looks like this 👇

And people say things like this 👇

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