To Find Your Next Job, Stop Looking For A Job Opening

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This week, I share a tactic for finding companies without time-sucking job boards. But first, I want to share how I got stuck last week and some resulting changes to this pod-letter.

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The Problem

A career change often requires finding and researching companies and opportunities. But what is an effective way to start if you are making a move to a new industry? Especially if you are not yet ready to make your intentions public.

The Conventional Solution

We typically turn to job boards or Googling or asking our network unanswerable questions (see How Might I lesson).

✘ Job boards represent only a small fraction of opportunities available to you.

✘ Googling will get you a three-hour rabbit-hole of distractions.

✘ Networking may present a challenge to keeping your career change quiet.

👉 You need a methodical way to bring relevant information directly to you.

The Uncommon Solution

Imagine opening your email in the morning to find a digest of the latest news and reading on your specific topic of interest.

Subscribed helps you create this focused stream of news into your inbox. You build an information engine that works while you spend time on higher value tasks.

Why this wins over conventional advice.

  • You use a methodical approach to do research.

  • You work smart by curating an information feed.

  • You ask for help using a five-minute-favor, without alerting a career change.

  • You invite serendipity by creating and sharing useful content

How It Works

In four overly simplified steps (complete details in the download below).

1. You craft a question about what you are interested in. For example: “Where might I find sources of information on innovative companies and trends in legal-tech?

2. Use the guide below for tips on identifying where you might find relevant content. Then you invite your network to help you.

3. You document what you learn from all your inbound content. Subscribed is about staying in a discovery mindset. You are not yet looking for job openings. You are looking for companies, people, or trends that raise your interest. This will generate your first valuable outcome.

4. You make a shareable artifact of your learning. You have done a lot of valuable work to curate the best emails. Now share this value with others who share your interest.

Creating useful content gives you a way to self-promote without being directly self-promotional. You invite serendipity by allowing your creative solution to engage thousands of people.

🔥Creative problem solving is a competitive advantage.

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